Student supervsion/Co-supervision (WWU)

  1. Forest Sweeney
  2. Phillip Wu Liang
  3. Cody Pranger
  4. Mitch Kimball
  5. Phil Fox
  6. Artem Dukhnitskiy
  7. Sean McCulloch
  8. Joe Gildner
  9. Bradley Hoefel
  10. Graham Manson
  11. Ashima Shrivastava
  12. Jessica Navedo
  13. Amelia Espiritu-Santo
  14. Serena Bowen

Student supervsion/Co-supervision (Outside of WWU)

  1. Anurata Hridi (Ph.D. student, School of Computing, Clemson University, USA)
  2. Anik Saha (CS, North South University, Bangladesh)
  3. Anik Sinha (CS, North South University, Bangladesh)
  4. Ifti Azad Abeer (CS, North South University, Bangladesh)


  1. Md Monsur Hossain (Software Engineer II at Walmart Labs)
  2. Ted Weber (Machine Learning Engineer at StubHub, owned by eBay)
  3. Kurt Price (DevOps Engineer at Amazon Web Services)
  4. Matthew Ferrin (FAST Enterprise)
  5. Victor Mai   
  6. James Kasinger (Software Engineer at Nordstrom)
  7. Benjamin Darling (Software Engineer at Minisoft)
  8. Alvin Ung (Global Customer Experience Specialist - Azure CXP at Rational Interaction)
  9. Forhad Hossain (Worked when he was a BUET student. Currently, a graduate student @ CS, Missouri State University, USA)
  10. Earn Aukrit Unahalekhaka (Completed MS from MIT; Co-founder and CPO of Ricult)
  11. Ryo Kawaguchi (Worked at Google; Co-founder of Stray Light)
  12. Andrew Kryczka (Software Engineer at Facebook)
  13. Ang Pan (Senior Software Engineer at Google)
  14. Eddie Ruan (Greater China Sales Leader at IBM)
  15. Saachi Shah (Works at Accenture)