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Academic Services

Judge, Student Research and Poster Competition, Western Washington University (2015)

Member of the Undergraduate Curriculum Development Committee, Western Washington University (2015-current)

Advisory Board Member, Buetian Women in CSE, BUET (2014-current)

Judge, Student Research Competition, University of Memphis (2013)

Member of the Fellowship, Assistantship, and Admissions (FAA) committee, UIUC (2011, 2012)

Graduate Student Academic Council Member, Department of Computer Science, UIUC (2010)

Graduate Application Review Committee Member, Department of Computer Science, UIUC (2009)

Member, Preparing Future Faculty (PFF), Marquette University (2004-2006)

Program Committee Member

Program Committee Co-Chair, HCSC: COMPSAC Symposium on Human and Social Computing, COMPSAC 2017

Program Committee Co-Chair, HCSC: COMPSAC Symposium on Human and Social Computing, COMPSAC 2016

Program Committee Member Work-in-Progress, CHI 2015, 2014, 2011

Interact 2013

Middleware Engineering Workshop 2009 and 2010,

COMPSAC 2009 and 2010



Computer Science, Western Washington University (Fall 2015-current)
    Graduate Student
Monsur Hossain, Project: Design of Mobile-based real-time physiological feedback system (Expected graduation: Fall 2018)
    Undergraduate Student

Theodor Weber, Project: Participant-centric Visualization of mHealth Data to Support Smoking Cessation among Young Adults(Expected Graduation, Spring 2017)

Ella Ordona, Project: Reflective Visualization to Better Manage Everyday Stress (Expected Graduation, Spring 2017)

Rimika Majumdar, Project: Designing to Promote Safe Interaction in the Social Networking Sites (Expected Graduation, Spring 2017)

Computer Science, University of Memphis (Fall 2013-current)
    Graduate Student
Hillol Sarker, Project: Interruption and Availability in Field (Expected graduation: Dec 2016)
        Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Project: Designing to Preserve Privacy (Graduated in Summer 2016)
        Nazir Saleheen, Project: Privacy Modeling (Expected Graduation: 2018)
        Soujanya Chatterjee, Project: Missing Data Analysis(Expected graduation: 2020)
        Rummana Bari, Project: Privacy and Burden (Expected graduation: 2017)
        Sudip Vhaduri, Project: Modeling drivers’ stress from GPS Traces (Graduated in May, 2014)
    Undergraduate Student
        Jordan Davis, Project: Visualizing Everyday Stress (Graduated in May, 2014)
Computer Science, University of Illinois (Spring 2008 – Fall 2012)
    Graduate Student
Qi Chen, MS in Industrial Design, University of Illinois (Spring 2011-Fall 2012, Now at Wolfram)

Supervision of Undergraduate Research Assistants



CHI (2008 - 2017)

CSCW (2008 – 2010)

UbiComp (2006-2016)

DIS (2010)

Pervasive Health (2013)

PerCom (2006 – 2007)

Creativity and Cognition (2009, 2011)

Interact (2011)

COMPSAC (2005 – 2010, 2016)

iConference (2014)

Professional Membership

Extracurricular Activities