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Computer Science Department

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" I think there is a world market for maybe five computers ."
Thomas J. Watson, Chairman of IBM, in the 1950's.
There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home ."
Kenneth J. Olson, Chairman of Digital Equipment Corporation, in the late 1970s.

First Law of Programming:

"The time to complete a program is longer than you expect, even if you take this law into account."

Second Law of Programming:

"No program is ever really finished."

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off by one errors.”

There are only two hard problems in distributed systems: 2. Exactly-once delivery 1. Guaranteed order of messages 2. Exactly-once delivery.”

ACM Guest Lecture on Meltdown-Spectre

Abbreviated CV

Collected materials on various topics in Computer Science
Research Projects
Students wishing to join or form a group working on a project should contact me either by coming by my office CF473 or via email meehan@wwu.edu. In particular, students in the CS Masters program who are required to participate in an on-going research project (692) should review the list of existing projects and project ideas in Research Interests (extremely out of date. I hope to revise soon) and consider them as candidates for satisfying their research experience requirements for the MS degree. Many of the projects and project ideas are also appropriate for undergraduate research experiences . If you are an undergraduate student interested in pursuing one of the projects in Research Interests contact me about possibly setting up an undergraduate research experience course (CSCI496) for you based around one of these projects. If you have ideas of your own for interesting investigations which would seem to be related to the areas encompassed by the projects in Research Interests send me an email with a proposal.
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